The Big Stick

The Big Stick

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The Big Stick (LONG/FIRM) is one of the long Sticks (along with the Power Stick and the Flex Stick) which are designed for taller individuals and for those who may lack some flexibility.

This line of Sticks can be used on the whole body. This stick also has firm flexibility (along with the Stiff Stick and the Sprinter Stick) which mean that it is highly versatile, allowing for light to very deep massage. The firm Sticks are typically preferred by athletes with a muscular physique and those who prefer deep pressure massage. Because this is the longest and firmest of the Sticks, it is ideal for the biggest, tallest, and strongest athletes.

The Big Stick is

  • 30 inches long
  •  weighs 21 oz
  • has 18 spindles.