Trigger Wheel

The Stick
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The TriggerWheel performs trigger point therapy and myofascial release. It is especially effective at myotendon and bony junctions. Use the TriggerWheel to replace the thumb around small, difficult areas like the TMJ, occipital ridge, trapezius, parascapular, pectorals, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle.

The TriggerWheel locates trigger points the way an automobile discovers a speed breaker. Once the trigger point is located, a gradually deeper back & forth rolling pressure releases the reflex mechanism – and the contracted muscle relaxes. When muscle is relaxed it physiologically feels better, works harder, has greater endurance, and recovers faster.

With the Trigger Wheel you put the finishing touches on the i.
It is precisely the trigger points (hardening in the muscle) that can be treated perfectly with this model.
With the Trigger Wheel you can treat those places that are difficult to reach with The Stick.


For every athlete who recognizes the above and finally wants to get rid of those annoying pain points.